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Social Outings and Day Programs

For family visits, events, classes and more, we are here to provide friendly, round trip transportation and caring physical assistance to help you remain independent and active in your community.

Here are just some examples of the many types of social events and day programs we can assist you with:

What our clients can expect on the day of their outing:

  A friendly reminder call that we are on our way
  A knock on the front door when we arrive
  Check to ensure client has necessary items for their outing, such as:
      Walker, wheelchair, and/or cane
      Proper outdoor attire for weather conditions
  Physical assistance to and from the vehicle
  Assistance transferring in and out of vehicle
  Proper storing of walking devices
  Complete physical assistance for duration of outing
  Assist client getting settled back into their home
  Ensure front door is locked prior to leaving

For pick ups and drop offs we ensure the client is in the care of the person at their destination prior to leaving.

*Written reports summarizing outings are accessible through your online client login account within 24 hours of the outing having occurred.